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How the authenticity of the original seagrass huts was preserved, how the existing roofs were restored, new structures inserted, and how the building materials with regional characteristics were fully utilised and integrated was the focus of the construction of this project. The overall construction strategy returns to the essence of construction, focusing on the logical relationship between the building process and the finished form. The old house with its seagrass roof is restored to reflect the regional character; the new building with its flat roof highlights the pure masonry volume character. The old and new buildings are fused together through the same building materials and similar proportional relationships. Seagrass Roofing. The seagrass used for construction is wild algae such as large-leaved seaweed that grows in shallow seas of 5-10 metres. It is very pliable and, due to its high content of brine and gum, is resistant to insects, mold and burning. "A seagrass house requires more than 70 processes, all of which are handcrafted." Local masters familiar with the craft are brought in to guide the construction of the seagrass house, which follows five steps: preparation, making the eaves, thatching the slope, sealing the roof, sprinkling water and leveling the ground, reflecting the regional characteristics in their original form. Masonry Walls. The walls of the preserved buildings maintain the original appearance of the buildings, either in the form of brick walls at the top and stone walls at the bottom, or complete stone walls from top to bottom. The newer parts of the building have additional stone masonry walls in order to maintain the integrity of the courtyard. The landscape elements are partially made of rusted steel plates and dark grey stainless steel panels to set off the handmade feel with an industrial feel. The stone walls are made from locally produced stone island red and are available in two types, flat seam and messy look at here now seam. In terms of construction, they follow some traditional local construction techniques, which are in the hands of local masters, and can only be built by one person for about one to two square feet a day, while messy seam walls are two to three square feet. This is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process, but it is a way of passing on traditional building techniques and a localised concept of village construction. view the roof from entrance. Image © Hao Chen Place and location: Creating a New Type of Courtyard by the Northern Sea. The design surveyed all 26 of the current courtyards at the beginning of the design, identifying five of them of poor quality for demolition. The courtyards were combined, demolished and expanded to change the way the original units were put together and to better suit the needs of modern accommodation.


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Security Incident Leads Scripps Health to Postpone Care Business Continuity Management / Disaster Recovery , Fraud Management & Cybercrime , Governance & Risk Management Security Incident Leads Scripps Health to Postpone Care News Reports: Apparent Ransomware Attack Also Results in Diverting Emergency Patients Marianne Kolbasuk McGee ( HealthInfoSec ) • May 3, 2021     Several Scripps Health hospitals have been affected by a cyberattack that was detected Saturday. San Diego-based Scripps Health, which operates four area hospitals, has been forced to postpone some patient care - and reportedly divert some patients seeking emergency treatment - as a result of what local news outlets say is a ransomware attack. See Also: Live Webinar | Software Security: Prescriptive vs. Descriptive In a statement provided to Information Security Media Group, Scripps Health says that it detected "an information technology security incident" late on Saturday. "As a result of this cyberattack, we suspended user access to our information technology applications related to our operations at our healthcare facilities," according to the statement. "While our information technology applications are offline, patient care continues to be delivered safely and effectively at our facilities, utilizing established back-up processes, including offline documentation methods." Outpatient urgent care centers, Scripps HealthExpress locations and emergency departments remain open for patient care, the statement adds. Some patient appointments scheduled for Monday, as well as for the next several days, however, were postponed. "We are working on how best to notify these patients about the need to reschedule," the statement says. Scripps Health says its technical teams and vendor partners are working "around the clock to resolve these issues as quickly as possible." Law enforcement agencies and various government organizations have been notified, Scripps Health adds. A Scripps Health spokesman declined to comment on whether the cyberattack involved ransomware. But the San Diego Union-Tribune , citing a Scripps Health memo, says ransomware apparently was involved. NBC San Diego reported that the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services said ambulances were being diverted over the weekend from Scripps' facilities to other hospitals in the area as a precautionary measure. The Scripps Health spokesman would not comment on whether some of its emergency care patients were being diverted to other area hospitals. The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency did not immediately respond to ISMG's request for comment. In another recent attack in the healthcare sector suspected of involving ransomware, Westwood, Kansas-based Midwest Transplant Network reported to federal regulators a hacking incident affecting nearly 17,600 individuals. In a Friday statement, the organization said it recently detected a "data security incident." MTN worked with outside experts "to stop and remove the threat," the statement says. "Some historical organ donor and recipient information was involved," MTN says. "Where necessary, MTN will notify individuals regarding this incident and the resources MTN is providing them." Law enforcement officials have been notified, but MTN says "there is no evidence that the exfiltrated data has been misused or distributed by the cybercriminals." MTN’s IT team and technical consultants are reviewing the organization's security practices and electronic systems, implementing security and threat detection tools and enhancing IT policies and procedures, the statement says. MTN did not immediately respond to ISMG's inquiry on whether the incident involved ransomware, as was reported by local news media outlet KCUR . Ransomware and other cyberattacks clearly are beginning to have an impact on the quality of care, some experts say.