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In May, a new average will be used, using data from 1991-2020. These new climate normals show a warmer and wetter US. By the end of the century, summer weather could last half a year (and that's not a good thing) "We're really seeing the fingerprints of climate change in the new normal," Palecki added. "We're not trying to hide that. We're in fact, reflecting that on the new normal so that we keep track of the climate, so people know what the climate is now. We use other data sets to show the climate change over time, but this is a really neat one to look at." Climate normals are a 30-year average of recent climate conditions, according to NOAA . They provide the baseline for comparing weather and climate to the recent past. When comparing the new 1991-2020 temperature average to the 20th century (1901-2000) average, it clearly shows most of the lower 48 states are much warmer now than in the past. Breaking it down further by showing the 30-year temperature normals of the past century side-by-side shows "the huge difference in temperature over time as we go from cooler climates in the early 20th century to ubiquitously warmer climates here in the last two sets of normal," said Palecki. Annual US temperature compared to the 20th-century average for each climate normals period from 1901-1930 (upper left) to 1991-2020 (lower right). Places where the normal annual temperature was much colder than the 20th-century average are darkest blue; places where normal annual temperature was much warmer are darkest red. (NOAA, based on analysis by Jared Rennie, North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies/NCEI) Although the warming trend is very clear in the longer-range comparison (1991-2020) compared to 1901-2000), not everyone will have a warmer temperature normal (1991-2020) compared to the last normal (1981-2010) when the new climate normals are put into operation. Temperatures from 1991 to 2020 were generally warmer in most regions and the majority of seasons across the United States, but the North Central US was somewhat cooler than the 1981 to 2010 data, especially in the spring. "Interestingly, this shift [to warmer normal] view website will result in there being fewer 'above normal' temperature days in most of the US at the start of this decade compared to recent years that used the previous normals cycle," said Palecki. Taking precipitation data and displaying the 30-year averages over the last century also reveals the influence of climate change, with a wetter trend. Normal annual US precipitation as a percent of the 20th-century average for each US climate normals period from 1901-1930 (upper left) to 1991-2020 (lower right).

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more hints alt='Doug Parker' align='left' /> Parker, who has been the chief of Cal/OSHA since 2019, spent nearly four years as the executive director of Worksafe Inc., an Oakland, California-based nonprofit that advocates for workers’ rights. He also served as deputy assistant secretary for policy in the Mine Safety and Health Administration during the Obama administration. “I would expect to see under his direction increased penalties and increased violations,” with an increased “focus on enforcement and maybe less focus on ... resolving an issue,” said Cressinda Schlag, of counsel in the Austin, Texas, office of Jackson Lewis P.C.  Cal/OSHA under Mr. Parker’s watch issued its emergency temporary standard in November, which introduced expansive requirements for employers including plans addressing COVID-19 communication, hazards, personal protective equipment, testing, quarantining and infection prevention. Industry groups challenged it, but a superior court judge declined a request for a preliminary injunction to halt its enforcement.   Although the March 31 deadline for a federal standard to be released came and went, many still believe one is forthcoming. Days before Mr. Parker’s appointment, U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh announced that he was putting the plan to develop a COVID-19 standard on pause . “We know exactly how Doug Parker feels about the need for a COVID ETS because he led the fight in California,” Mr. Conn said. “Not only does his nomination make the issuance of a rule more likely, it also raises the possibility of a more onerous rule than we had been hoping for.” Some of the requirements in Cal/OSHA’s standard don’t have science behind them to support placing “additional substantial compliance burden on employers who are already struggling to recover from the pandemic,” Ms. Schlag said. “If you look at the California standard there are two or three things that were kind of lightning rods … and alarmed the business community the most,” Mr. Pearce said. These included the unfunded mandate that employers compensate workers who are quarantining and site-wide workplace COVID-19 testing based on three or more exposures at the employer’s expense, he said.  “If three of your employees got sick at spring break, you now have to undertake something that could be hundreds of thousands of dollars of testing,” Mr. Conn said.