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Gov. Chris Sununu last month signed the legislation that mandates the forensic audit. Stark was chosen by the two other members of the audit team — computer scientist Harri Hursti of Nordic Innovation Labs and Mark Lindeman of election technology policy group Verified Voting. All three have participated in election audits around the country, going back more than a decade. The attorney general and secretary of state chose Hursti together, and Windham’s Board of Selectman picked Lindeman. Hursti and Lindeman chose Stark to round out their team’s areas of expertise. Windham’s choice for the

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We own them. And then this last quarter, a substantial portion of the inherited backlog. So, the backlog going forward when factored in with the backlog with all the rest of the Company, it's pretty insignificant. So, we don't see that as a big problem. I gave the $3 million negative gross profit.... [...]

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In May, a new average will be used, using data from 1991-2020. These new climate normals show a warmer and wetter US. By the end of the century, summer weather could last half a year (and that's not a good thing) "We're really seeing the fingerprints of climate change in the new normal," Palecki added.... [...]

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While Covid infections and deaths have been on the decline in the U.S. as millions of Americans get vaccinated each day, India is in the grip of an unprecedented spike in cases. People wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) carry the body of a person who died from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), during a mass cremation,... [...]

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Majority of Internal Audit Groups Slow to Adopt Next-Gen Technologies and Upskill; At Risk of Becoming Obsolete, According to Protiviti Survey Teams lacking digital skills and technology tools were most impacted by the work-from-home environment MENLO PARK, Calif., May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- According to Protiviti's 2021 Next-Ge... [...]

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Survey findings may result in the provider being required to develop a corrective action plan (CAP) to improve any areas an evolving document. More Point 1: Create constancy of purpose toward improvement of the product US companies comply with the US FDA Quality System Regulation (qr). A treating... [...]

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How the authenticity of the original seagrass huts was preserved, how the existing roofs were restored, new structures inserted, and how the building materials with regional characteristics were fully utilised and integrated was the focus of the construction of this project. The overall construction strategy... [...]

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Now, more than ever, patrons are concerned about safety and how the businesses they visit are working to operate responsibly. To give patrons and businesses peace of mind, Automate-My-Facility offers top-quality air quality management technology and services. These services work to not only monitor... [...]

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This is especially offensive at a time when Oklahoma students and parents are struggling with the weight of the pandemic and its effects on our students’ education and wellbeing. This interim report focuses on the for-profit vender, Epic Youth Services LLC (EYS). “The incestuous relationship between... [...]

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Bring Your Audit Into Focus With Deloitte Omnia Achieving a higher quality, more insightful audit shouldn’t take more effort from you. Your audit should have the flexibility to this contact form adapt with you. Deloitte Omnia, our global audit platform, is cloud-based, digital, and dynamic – and brings bright... [...]